Sunday, February 7, 2010

Off-Topic: William S. Burroughs Documentary On Google Video

Found an interesting documentary on literary icon/Alan Moore hero William S. Burroughs on Google Video; I thought I would post it in case anyone wanted to have a look.

There's some charming footage of him goofing around with Allen Ginsberg and other friends, which is nice to see - Burroughs seemed to have such a grim affect all the time. Perhaps that was just sort of his default public persona. Then again, Burroughs probably had more to be grim about than most of us.


Multi-screen viewing is seemingly anticipated by Burroughs' cut-up technique. He suggested re-arranging words and images to evade rational analysis, allowing subliminal hints of the future to leak through... an impending world of exotica, glimpsed only peripherally.

Adrian Veidt (Ozymandias)
"Look On My Works, Ye Mighty..."

PS The music you hear at the very beginning of the film is from "Another Green World" by Brian Eno.

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