Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Man Himself On Hob's Hog

I'm just a postin' fool today.

Found a wonderful interview with Mr. Moore at today that I had read a few years back and then forgot where I saw it. The whole thing is great, but I especially wanted to post a brief excerpt where they talk about Voice Of The Fire; I'm sure readers of this blog in particular will appreciate the humor of it.

Interviewer: I haven't read [the prose book] Voice of the Fire

Alan Moore: - - Very few people have - -

I: Although Mark Pilkington from Fortean Times, he says it's fantastic, so I'd like to pick it up.

AM: Well, if you should find a copy somewhere, then good luck getting through the first chapter. The first chapter, I actually tried my best to write it in an approximation of what I thought Neolithic thought-patterns might be like. So I've done it all in this completely boiled-down English, where I think there's a vocabulary of about four hundred words in the first story, I mean it's sixty pages long, it's very long and very dense but I think I only use about four hundred words and when you think that the average vocabulary of the average Sun reader is about ten thousand words, it's... it was an experiment.

I: Sounds kind of exciting, though.

AM: Well, it's almost unreadable. [Laughs]. I loved it but people have pointed out to me since that if I was going to be doing my first novel and the first chapter of my first novel, then perhaps it might not have been a bad idea to do it in English but ah, what the hell.

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