Monday, August 3, 2009

Page 11, Paragraphs 7-9; Page 12, Paragraph 1

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Page 11, Paragraph 7:

Through many winters now, my people say, there's been little food for us to forage, that times are hard for those of us who walk and that they're going to get harder yet. After each winter there are more settlers and fewer nomadic peoples, so that there aren't many of us now. For someone all alone like me, it's an empty belly - there's no helping it.

Paragraph 8:

Once I came upon settlers in my travels, with their pointed-top huts of hides on branches sitting high on a hill. There were less than 5 huts. I smell their fire and the meat they have cooking on it, which makes me hungry.

Paragraph 9 (ends on the top of page 12):

I walk up the hill, and a little way up I see a man on top of it, and he sees me with puke and blood on my face and shit on my legs. He says, "You look like a pig's ass. What do you want here?", and so forth. His way of speaking is strange, with many sayings I don't understand. Another man with a big belly comes to the top of the hill for a look at me. Below his belly he has a little penis, like a baby's.

Page 12, Paragraph 1 (first full paragraph):

Now I tell them that my mother is dead and that I've been cast out by my people. I say, "I just want a little something in my belly."

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