Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Page 10, Paragraphs 2 - 4

Moving along.

Page 10, Paragraph 2:

Sunrise comes and my belly's empty. I say, "Foot, stay here. I'm going away to forage , after which I'll come back with food for us." Now the foot is quiet, as if to say she's heard this before, but she's never seen it happen. I walk slowly away from her, and many times I come to a tree and stop and look back, and there's the foot. I lift my arm and make the sign for "all's well", and walk on.

Paragraph 3:

The trees are getting closer together and the briars are getting thicker. I follow a path around the briar, where I look back and don't see the foot, but I can still find it by smelling for my shit, and I'm not afraid. I walk on through the trees and briars and so forth.

Paragraph 4:

The way I remember it now, it was when I came upon the red berries that the rain began to fall; it fell hard like all the sky-beasts were taking a piss. I quickly stoop down into a hole in the berry bush where there's a cave formed by the briars. There I sit and eat a lot of the red berries. Outside my cave the rain falls hard, yet in it it is quiet and dark, and my belly feels good. Now I rub berry juice off my chin. I shut my eyes, lick my hand, and listen to the rain.

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