Friday, July 31, 2009

Page 11, Paragraphs 3 - 6; Note

Page 11, Paragraph 3:

I run one way around the bush and then the other so I can see where the grass is flattened and therefore which path I came here by. Now I see that it's rained so hard that the path I took has been obscured because all the grass is flattened. I run beneath the trees and smell nothing except grass. Now I run this way and that, by tree and briar, and yell for the foot, and yell for my mother. I run all around, down in the ditch, up the hill with moss thick on the stones, and here I fall in the dirt, and I don't know where I am.

Paragraph 4:

I don't see the foot anymore. Likewise, the red-berry bush is gone; I can't find it anymore. This is how I come out of where I was, and I walk for many days and nights, and the whole time I'm walking I don't know where they are.

Paragraph 5:

I walk on open grass and jump over a stream. I walk through trees, with leaves* all around my feet, and I find a circle of mushrooms growing on the grass - they're dark on the underside, which means they're the kind that are good to eat. Awhile goes by and I find nothing at all, and I walk on and still don't find anything; a couple of days pass this way.

Paragraph 6:

I walk to where the grass is so high I can't see above it, and I find a dead bird. I'm so hungry that I eat it, but it's filled with maggots. Now I throw up and shit down my legs, and another day and night passes, and I walk.

*An initial reading of "dry-up skins" would seem to indicate the narrator's talking about bark, but I'm pretty sure he actually means leaves. (You can leave (no pun intended) a comment if you want me to discuss my rationale for this.)


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