Sunday, July 12, 2009

Page 5, Paragraph 5 (and note)

Here's my attempt at the last paragraph on page 5 (i.e., the one that starts at the bottom of page 5 and ends at the top of page 6).

I come off the dry dirt on top of the hill and run quickly through the cold grass - I want to get the pigs before they change into something I can't eat, like the rat I caught one time that changed into little stones.* I run down quickly toward the pigs so they're still pigs when I catch them. My erection shakes this way and that as I run. I run quickly, but oh, my feet fly up off the grass and I fall, oh and I fall ass-ways down onto the hill.

*Hope I'm not belaboring the obvious, but what seems to be happening here is that the narrator is remembering a time when he tried to catch a rat which was too quick for him and ran away. Instead of a handful of rat, our narrator came up with a handful of stones that were laying on the ground, but is too slow-witted to understand that he didn't catch the rat - he instead thinks that the rat turned into a bunch of stones.

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