Monday, November 2, 2009

Page 35, Paragraphs 3 - 6; Note

Okay - time to stop playing with the widgets and start blogging again.


Page 35, Paragraph 3 (first paragraph after the break):

My feet and hands are cold now. I try to open my eyes but they're held shut with eye-snot*, which I now scratch off so I can open them better. Daylight has come, but it's a grey day. There are so many sky-beasts that they make one beast so big that it hangs across the whole sky. The old wind blows hard, and it howls here above the pigpen.

Paragraph 4:

Now I smell cooked fish. Now, apples. I smell flowers.

Paragraph 5:

"Come," she says, "here's some food. Where do you want to go today?"

Paragraph 6:

I eat the apples and the fish while she kneels quietly beside me. I stand up to take a piss. The old wind is so strong it carries the smell of my piss far away, so I can piss on the pigpen wall without being afraid that Hob will find me. My penis is big, but it gets smaller as the water comes out of it. I turn and see that the girl is looking at my penis and smiling.

*And what do you actually call that stuff, pray tell?

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