Monday, November 23, 2009

Page 39, Paragraphs 1 - 4

Page 39, Paragraph 1:

I see a ray of sunlight in front of me, where the smell and singing are coming from, and I run this way. By the earthworm's hill and the river's knee...

Paragraph 2:

There's an opening in the trees, all bright with sunlight, from which comes her voice and her flower-smell; I figure she's not far behind. And there they lie, he and she...

Paragraph 3:

I walk out quickly through the dark, high woods, and come to a blockage in the opening, where there are trees standing in a circle. I'm breathing hard and loud, but everything else gets quiet. The girl isn't here, but the flower-scent is, and I don't understand how she...

Paragraph 4:

I look down. All around my feet and across the open circle are flowers; many red roses, bright below my knees, as if I'm walking in blood. There's no noise. There's no girl. She changed completely into flowers.

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