Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Page 39, Paragraphs 5 - 8

Page 39, Paragraph 5:

A noise. I'm frightened. I run back quickly and oh! Many petals from the roses fly up like a bunch of butterflies, and the girl sits up from where she was hidden among them and laughs at me.

Paragraph 6:

I walk through the flowers to where she sits, still laughing with her hand on her mouth and her belly shaking. It's really good to see her, but I'm upset, and was frightened that I wouldn't see her. I say, "It's not nice of you to hide and to make me run. Do you want me to look like a baby?" and so forth. The more I talk, the more upset I become, so much so that I spit as I'm talking.

Paragraph 7:

Now she puts her hand on my penis, through the fur of my clothing, and holds the fur all around my erection, which is where I stop talking.

Paragraph 8:

"Sit down," she says, and pulls on my penis so that I sit down by her in the roses. My legs are shaking, because the bones have gone from them into my penis. It's as if my thoughts go down from my belly and are now all held between her fingers there.

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