Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Page 38, Paragraphs 2 - 5; Note

Page 38, Paragraph 2:

I smell flowers now, through the trees in front of me; I walk softly in the direction of the smell, and I come to a fallen, rotten tree, and I can't smell flowers anymore. But... ah. The wind makes the scent come over here, stronger, all along the path to the west of me. I have yet to put either foot on this path before I hear her singing, as if from a long ways off.

Oh, how may I find a mate,
The journey-boy says...*

Paragraph 3:

The smell becomes stronger as I'm running, quickly, on the path, with my feet landing loudly on the dry leaves beneath them. Above this I hear her song float softly from the top of the woods.

Up the valley's edge, the shadow of the tree,
By the earthworm's hill and all...

Paragraph 4:

I come by the briar bush, where I turn to follow the smell. It's like hunting for food, and the thought of this is strange and good in my belly; my blood flows through me quickly. The leaves fly all around my footfalls like many dried-up birds.

And lie with her before
I'm put to dirt all grey...

Paragraph 5:

Now the smell of flowers is everywhere, and my penis becomes erect, so that it rubs roughly on my clothes. The sound of her song is louder, like she's not far away. Up the valley's edge, in the shadow of the tree...

*This is, of course, the same song the girl was singing back on page 26.


Nine pages left.

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