Thursday, November 12, 2009

Page 37, Paragraphs 2 - 5

Page 37, Paragraph 2:

"Why, how's this?" I say. "How can a story as strange as this become even stranger?" The girl looks at me and doesn't smile. Her face is expressionless. She looks in my direction, but it's like she's seeing something a long ways off.

Paragraph 3:

She says, "The settlers were going to make Hob put his son to the axe - if he didn't, Hob and his son would be cast out, and die. But Hob didn't want to kill his son. He thought and thought about this, and realized there was only one thing he could do."

Paragraph 4:

I say, "What's that?"

Paragraph 5:

She says, "This is the strange part. Hob put the boy to the axe, so he's dead. But no one knows if he was killed in this world or killed in the other world. No one but Hob knows which one it was," she says, "this world or the other. This is something I didn't know." I look at her and say nothing.

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