Monday, November 9, 2009

Page 36, Paragraphs 6 - 8; Page 37, Paragraph 1

Page 36, Paragraph 6:

I say, "I saw Hob and his son, by the light of the moon."

Paragraph 7:

She turns to me quickly, looks at me hard, and speaks in a whisper. "How's that?" she says.

Paragraph 8:

I tell her all that I saw; she doesn't reply. I say, "It's like those strange times when I see the shagfoal and see my mother. I see them at night when I shut my eyes." At this she nods to tell me that what I'm saying is right.

Page 37, Paragraph 1 (first full paragraph):

She says, "At night, when we shut our eyes, we go to another world, where the shagfoal is, and where dead people are, and many strange things like that." She says, "It's this other world that makes more strangeness still in the talk of Hob and his son."

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